This week, we’ve been dreaming of the smell of roast turkey, good company, and beautiful decorations. Whether you are spending your Thanksgiving with family, friends, relatives, or strangers…we’ve helped you prepare a pile of gifts for your dinner host!

1.  Let the Good Times Roll with a greeting card that shimmers with beautiful design and personality, perfectly fit for the occasion.

2. A decorative coaster will surely be adored by any Thanksgiving host who wants to spice up their dining table.

3. Cheers! These minimal gold wine glasses are a definite gift for a holiday dinner.

4 & 6. How can you go wrong with a nice set of gold utensils & gold plates?  Your dinner host could use an extra set dinner ware in case that long lost relative shows up unannounced. Guests will be in awe of these fancy dinner plates and utensils, they might almost forget about dinner.

5. The holidays are incomplete without a couple of gold gift boxes your dinner host will savor away for their friends & family.

7. Flowers will be a nice touch to any Thanksgiving home and way to break the ice!

8. Gold should also come with a side of silver! Tie everything together with a silver tray that your host will love to use for both dining and decorating.

Find a list of these wonderful products sold here:

1 Let the Good Times Roll Greeting Card

2 Geometric Flower Coasters

Stemless Wine Glass

4 Graham Dinner Fork and Graham Dinner Spoon

5 Moroccan Pattern Box Set

6 Rhys Speckle Shiny Salad Plate

Ralphs Flowers

Rectangle Serving Tray

Author: Jackie Ng

Posted by:hadronepoch

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