Let’s get down to the root of the succulent trend and show you why we love it so much! There are plenty of succulents and plants out there just waiting to be potted. Will you join us in our plant potting adventure?


LA Flower District | 766 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
The LA Flower District offers a abundant variety of plants, succulents, and flowers for dirt cheap! There are various of stores that sell flowers and succulents for under $5. We stopped by first to purchase our pots and succulents. There was a large selection of succulents for just $1 each! Rarely, do you find succulents for this cheap.



California Cactus Center | 216 S Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

The California Cactus Center is another great place to check out if you’re around Pasadena! Their selection offers lots of unique succulents and cacti, for a higher price but more choices for plants, pots, and rocks. It’s my top choice for satisfying all my plant cravings :). Don’t forget to purchase some rock & pebbles to top off your soil, we purchased some Jade and Black rocks from Orchard Supply Hardware.

Now that we have everything ready to go, let’s begin to pot the succulents!

Step 1
Choose your pot and plant.


Step 2
Pour enough soil to support the plant depending on size and type of pot/plant. I filled mine a little more than halfway. Leave some space at the top of the pot for the plant to breathe so it doesn’t overcrowd.


Step 3
Scoop out your plant and carefully spread out its roots (this encourages the plants to grow in a new pot).


Step 4
Adjust your plant accordingly to the soil. Mix & match different types of succulents!


Step 5
Top off your plant with rocks of your choice. Finish!


Plant Care

Place your succulents in an area with lots of sunlight but not full midday sun, otherwise it might burn your plant. When you first pot your plant, be sure to not water it right away and give it time to adjust to the soil first. Succulents hold their water efficiently through their thick leaves and stems…water your succulents once a week if they are placed outdoors. You’ll know when it’s time to water when the soil dries out. Be careful not to over water as succulents do not need water as often as other plants do!

Watch our DIY video here:

Author: Jackie Ng

Posted by:hadronepoch


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